well - what do we want to do with this community? i've been a little slack with it - had a relationship break up over the holidays that left me a little off the rails!

suggestions - do we want to do some stuff like
  • phrase of the week
  • helpful stuff for classrooms
  • ?
can't do all - but should do some i'm thinking ...
blue bird

he waewae tapu ahau

Kia ora koutou,
Hopefully it's okay that I've joined this community. I've been learning te reo for several years and adore it, even though I don't have a drop of Maori blood in me and haven't yet been to Aotearoa. I live in Alaska. Sometimes it's hard to stay motivated to learn the language when I don't know anyone else who speaks it, but I was told once that it didn't matter who or how far away I was, so long as I spoke one word of Maori I could help the language to survive.

So, thanks for creating this place, and I look forward to seeing it grow. :)


Tena koutou
Tena koutou
Tena koutou katoa

Ko Reichstag toku waka
Ko Te Mata Peak toku maunga
Ko Tukituki toku awa
Ko Ngati Pākeha toku iwi
Ko Kapiti toku Ngākau
Ko Raumati Beach toku kura
Ko Jo ahau

Haere mai
Haere mai
Haere mai

(not sure if i can use 'ko kapiti toku ngākau' or 'ko kapiti toku manawa')

complexities of second language learning ...

so one of my passions is te reo the second language of nz ... as a kaiako in a kura auraki i am expected to teach and use it in my classroom
in some ways it's a way less complex language than english .. ok - it just totally is a way less complex language - english is too much sometimes

so i'm discovering some cool stuff ... like how english has all that i am you are he is she is they are crap - maori doesn't - there's no masculine/feminine stuff

haere means come/go/coming/going - whatever !

kei te   mē haere ki te kura - let's go to school

kei te haere au ki te kura - i am going to school

haere ki te kura - go to school

the only problem i have is where to put the macrons - and i can't hear some of the nuances - like pea and pē sound the same to me (unless i'm saying them) - only problem is that i know pea is bear <G>

now if we can get our kids excited (nanawe) it will be ngāwari easy to encourage our tamariki into learning more of the language than we ever did - none in my case

Haere mai

Haere mai ki te 'korero maori livejournal'

This is a place where you can practise your reo, ask questions etc.  i've made this open for non-lj'ers to post  comment on posts as well and this entry is future dated so that it stays on top. Well it was future dated then i discovered that it doesn't work in communities.

Hei aha!