Specky (speckymutant) wrote in korero_maori,

Want to learn Maori


My dad is from New Zealand - I have Maori in me and would like to learn Maori.

Can someone surgest some online resources that could help?

  • Some resources

    Just thought members might like to know that there is a Māori word of the day here, and I have set up an LJ feed: he_kupu_o_te_ra. The…

  • Totally excited to find Maori on LJ

    Tena Koutou katoa! Echoing everyone else who's already said it, it's been quiet around here, but I'm so glad to find somewhere on eljay that is not…

  • Kia ora!

    Tena koutou e hoa ma! Wow it looks like it's been a bit quiet in this community for a while! Was just searching for Maori-related journals here on…

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