Trixie Leitz (trixieleitz) wrote in korero_maori,
Trixie Leitz

Some resources

Just thought members might like to know that there is a Māori word of the day here, and I have set up an LJ feed: he_kupu_o_te_ra. The main site also has heaps of grammar information. (Sorry about the spelling of the feed title - can't do macrons in feed titles, and I didn't have enough characters to double the "a"!)

As a new learner, I found Te Whanake very helpful; it has fifteen modules, each with a Flash video and lots of different types of interactive reo exercises.

If you follow the "Dictionary" link at the top of the page, you come to The Maori Dictionary, which I have found to be a useful complement to the Ngata Dictionary linked in the community sidebar. They provide a search plugin for Firefox, which makes looking up kupu hou much easier!

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