dragonsinger (kiwilessa) wrote in korero_maori,

formal/informal language

Kia ora koutou

just a word about formal and informal language - if we are having a conversation then there is some formality that we don't have to follow - i'll use Goren's sentence about Auckland as an example ...

"Kei te noho au a tāone Tāmaki Makaurau ināianei."

tāone is not needed - in NZ everyone knows exactly what is meant by Tāmaki Makaurau

ināianei is also not needed - it is implied by what has already been said in the sentence

another example is the simple greeting - Kei te pehea koe? - i could simply say kei te pehea? or even pehea? because the rest of the sentence is implied

(it's kind of like saying
'sup? to someone - they know you're asking "what's up?")

(once again please excuse my missing macrons!)

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