December 13th, 2008

  • tearoha

Totally excited to find Maori on LJ

Tena Koutou katoa! Echoing everyone else who's already said it, it's been quiet around here, but I'm so glad to find somewhere on eljay that is not only Kiwi but Maori as well :)
I've recently left school after doing Maori for two years completely by correspondence, (I was a kura kaupapa kid though :) and it's only pointed out to me, surprise surprise, how terribly rusty my conversational/oral Maori is. So, trying to revive it a little and hey, why not on the big wide world web? That is, if no-one minds me inviting myself to join the party :)

Ko au: (please excuse the lack of macrons and the funny order, it's a while since I've done this!)

Ko Te Aroha te maunga
Ko Waihou te awa
Ko Tikapa te moana
Ko Matai Whetu te Marae
Ko te Endeavour te waka
Ko Ngati Pakeha te iwi
Tena Koutou, tena koutou katoa

In short, hi all!
See ya

Some resources

Just thought members might like to know that there is a Māori word of the day here, and I have set up an LJ feed: he_kupu_o_te_ra. The main site also has heaps of grammar information. (Sorry about the spelling of the feed title - can't do macrons in feed titles, and I didn't have enough characters to double the "a"!)

As a new learner, I found Te Whanake very helpful; it has fifteen modules, each with a Flash video and lots of different types of interactive reo exercises.

If you follow the "Dictionary" link at the top of the page, you come to The Maori Dictionary, which I have found to be a useful complement to the Ngata Dictionary linked in the community sidebar. They provide a search plugin for Firefox, which makes looking up kupu hou much easier!